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Sunny Corba 

"Lifelong passion for creativity has always driven me to explore and express in any and all forms of art. This point in my life has led me to pursue and dedicate to more creative time.

I create various finished art using epoxy resin as the primary medium, I create all original and one of a kind geodes, ocean theme & functional art."

Emerald Green Geode-13 Sunny Corba.jpg

Emerald Geode Abstract Resin

2” Crystal Custom borax crystal point centers around emerald inspired geode art. Quartz Point 16.5” x 30.5”

Amethyst Geode Resin Art

Silver Framed Geode Art Ready to Hang - Resin Amethyst Crystal and this one of a kind piece features glass chips, gold leaf, glitter, gem acrylic crystals and mica pigments all come together beautifully with resin. 

Multi Medium Resin Art

13 x 23

untitled (181 of 748).jpg

Bliss Resin Abstract Geode Wall Art- 2"

Crystal Quartz Point

16.5" X 30.5" 

Multi Media Resin Art


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