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David Narens

Embarking on this artistic journey has been a source of immense joy for me. I invite you to join me in this exploration of creativity and to witness the diverse expressions that emerge from my ever-evolving artistic palette.


In my artistic journey, I've embraced the duality of creation—finding my primary expression in the captivating world of photography while also venturing into the realms of watercolor and pen art. These two mediums, seemingly distinct, converge and coalesce, each carrying its own narrative and essence. Photography captures moments frozen in time, distilling the raw beauty of reality into visual poetry. On the other hand, my foray into watercolor and pen art has opened a new chapter, allowing me to explore a more tactile and interpretive approach to storytelling. Although separate in form, these creative endeavors intertwine and influence one another, pouring rich experiences and emotions into my paintings. As I delve into “Naive Impressionistic Illustrations”, the synergy between the precision of photography and the expressive freedom of painting becomes evident, creating a harmonious fusion that adds depth and dimension to each piece.


For those who wish to bring a piece of this journey into their own lives, I welcome art enthusiasts and collectors to explore my portfolio. Your support is not just a testament to my work but a shared celebration of the beauty that art brings into our lives.

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