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Kim Rahal

Renaissance Artist and Advocate

"I paint with olis with intense vibrant colors; mostly abstract however pieces are black & white and full of contrast. My art is all about making a statement of what is happening in the world. I experiment with mediums and subjects so I am not limited to one. I use olis, I sculpt with clay, I use pens, pencils, charcoal, pastels. I can paint classical realism but prefer to create abstract art that is meant to make the viewer think and feel. I want my art to live on past my life and continue to tell its story."

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Kim Rahal’s Artist Statement:

Kim Rahal –is an artist who has been painting and showing her work all of her life. She has shown and sold her work nationally and has been in group art shows internationally. Kim’s art has been represented or sold in the United States of America in the following states; Illinois, Colorado, California, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Kim Rahal is best known for her color saturated abstract work. Kim traditionally works with oils however enjoys experimentation and working with a variety medium including paint, sculpture, jewelry, and has now fashion. Kim uses her artwork to express her views of the world as an observer, documenting what is happening in her life (culture, society, beliefs, passions) through her art for those to see in future generations.

Kim has been trained and mentored by many talented artists throughout her lifetime. She has pursued traditional training through higher education avenues pursuing her intuition and creative energy to teach herself new dynamic skills in different mediums of art. Kim was taught the technical foundational skills to be a professional artist and uses them to advocate and make a difference in the lives of others, and her community.  Kim’s training started very young; her first artist mentor was her mother who is a classically trained artist with a degree in Fine Arts. When Kim was a baby her mother would place her in a playpen, give her toys and food, and then paint for hours with oil paints watching her mother create. This was Kim's very first influence in life, influencing her journey to become the artist she is today. Kim started painting with sticks in dirt, then pencil, charcoal, acrylic, and on to oils. It was when she started painting with oil paint that Kim discovered her ability to express herself with color.

To see more of Kim Rahal’s artwork go to:

Gallery Collection

Life Interrupted
Finding Peace


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