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Deanna Cruz is now co-owner, and artist at Dandelion Gallery. She started as a member in 2018 with a vision! She has the ability to creatively inspire and bring to light peoples visions with her creative mindset, artistic abilities, passion, and spirit. She started as an artist very young from writing poetry, sketching, painting, sculpting, and more; but her craft is in website & graphic design. She started her first business, DC.CreativeConcepts, LLC in 2019 with a mission to unite, empower, and cultivate positive change in our communities with use of her professional & artistic skills, creativity and advanced education in areas of communication. Helping artist, entrepreneurs, and small business owners pursue their professional aspirations and excel in meeting their goals.  She has the passion to help our communities prosper. Starting the Dandelion aRT Coalition to creatively inspire greatness, help those thrive, and make an impact in our communities. 

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My Talent & Craft

Multi-talented artist that uses traditional and modern art & technology to produce masterpieces! DCruz Artwork often has a powerful, symbolic, deep meaning rooted in it.  She often uses mix media and lots of color.  She enjoys sketching real life forms, animated figures, and patterns. Her paintings are primarily acrylic and oil based and are mid to large in size.  Sculptures have been produced with use of recycle goods, plaster, clay, and paper. She has a history of creating beautiful mosaics for love ones and making and repurposing furniture.  Jewelry making is her new explored craft!  She works well with both adults and children to help them explore their artistic abilities and express themselves. Her experience with modern art & technology is broad and is not limited to the following;  adobe photoshop, illustrator, Cricut machine, and various marketing, website & e-commerce programs and platforms.  She carries an array of experience & knowledge, and enjoys learning & applying innovative methods & techniques to express herself, develop, and creatively support & inspire. 


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