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Dandelion Art Coalition Unite

Zinnia & Monarch Festival
Enter Now through Aug 1st, 2024


Important dates of entry and celebration:

  • Entry Deadline: August 1st, 2024 at 11:59pm.

  • Festival Dates Aug 17th - 18th

Please check all arrival, show, and release dates carefully! See below for complete entry information.

Interested in being a Festival Sponsor? E-mail us:


 Contest Rules:

  1. Visual Art Performance including but not limited to live painting, craft making, demoing instillation and more should complete entry form as a performer.  Visual Artists and Crafters interested in being a vendor please submit photo or video of artwork and mark vendor below.  Additional information will be provided. 

  2.  Performing Artists including but not limited to (Acting, Performing, Reciting, Demoing, Displaying, Dancing, Cooking) are encouraged to participate and would need to upload a short video of a performance example they wish to perform on stage. 

  3. All artwork and performance acts must be original and created by the entry artist unless authorized. 

  4. Images of the artwork examples must be uploaded below for entry.  May support a short 3 min video of artist bio, and short performance. 

  5. Entries that originate from copyrighted sources such as but not limited to Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, Pixar, etc., or celebrity images, will be disqualified. Historical figures and landmarks are acceptable and represented in its true representation in accordance with copyright and trademark laws.  Legal authority must be granted for the sale of products made by others. Additional selling of such products, performance acts of un-original material may need legal authority to duplicate, replicate, change original work in making it theirs to share for profit. 

  6. Artwork should not contain anything explicit or harmful. 

  7. Artwork must not contain any inappropriate content or symbolism or language. Dandelion Art Gallery & Studios, NFP, Inc, reserves the right to exclude an entry if it is not acceptable as determined by Dandelion Art Gallery & Studios, NFP, Inc. and the Zion Township. 

  8. The entry deadline is Thursday, August 1st, 2024

  9. Artists will be notified within 72 hours of their entry submission with details

  10. Awards will be provided during the festival.  Award information to be announced for each category ( Visual, Culinary, and Performance) 

Publicity: Please check below to grant permission to use submitted work for promotion. If this is not checked, then artwork will not be considered for exhibition.

Not all entries will be publicized online and on various social platforms and website associated with Dandelion Art Gallery & Studios, NFP, Inc and its affiliates. Dandelion Art Gallery & Studios, and our affiliates will exercise sole discretion in determining marketing, publication, advertisement within the law set- forth and within government policies. 

We look forward to receiving your submission and honoring your artistic talents! Questions? Email:


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Admission is free. Donations welcome!

Donate here.

Dandelion Art Gallery & Studios, NFP, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 C3 call 224-440-8006 or email For more information on the exhibit, please call the gallery office at 224-440-8006. 

Art Medium:
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Donations may also be mailed or Delivered (with notice) to:
Dandelion Art Gallery & Studios, NFP, Inc
109 S Genesee St., Waukegan, IL 60085
Your entry will be reviewed after successfully submitting. It may take a few moments to process your submission. If successfully submitted you will receive a notification, and an e-mail confirmation. If you experience technical issues, please email Dandelion Gallery & Studio for assistance at

Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch soon!

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