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Sandie Bacon

Sandie Bacon is a Chicago based visual artist who works primarily as a painter, but often ventures into mixed media and sculpture. She shows in galleries nationwide and is included in corporate collections such as the William Blair Foundation , and the Chicago Department of the Environment . She paints murals in both public spaces(restaurants, grocery stores, designer showrooms,museums) and in private residences, as well as being a scenic charge artist for the Citadel Theater. She has also won numerous public art commissions including recently with Chicago Sculpture International. Trained as a specialist in acrylic,oil and watercolor paints, Sandie is a Working Artist for Golden Artist Colors since 2007. She teaches workshops and lectures on paints for colleges, artist groups and retail stores She also is a Silver Brush educator and works on lesson plans for Grafix. She has a BFA in fine arts /literature from Johnston College in Redlands, California and a MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore , Md. She lived in NYC for 12 years where she worked as an artist in the schools for Project LEAP, and was on the board for CityArts Workshop.

Artist Teacher Seeker

When you draw from life with quick gestures you start to bypass what you think you see and start to draw what you actually see. Painting outdoors,seeking to capture the light that is everchanging, you strive to capture the ambience. When I teach , I create an experience. I am interested in capturing essence and in providing materials and techniques that develop a wider vocabulary. I like to teach basic foundational skills such as drawing, how to paint a wash or a glaze, how colors relate to each other. I am interested in all the versatile applications of gels and mediums, and exploring the nature of paints color and textures. With this new visual vocabulary, I then like to build upon creative ways if interpretation highlighting each students individual journey.


Oct. 13th 2021 Daily North Shore

Featured Showcase



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