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Creative Wellness Services

Dandelion Art Gallery & Studios, NFP, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping artists thrive in making a creative difference in our communities. Our primary objective is to empower artists, facilitating their growth and fostering significant creative contributions within our communities that unite, empower, and cultivate the good in us.

Dandelion aRT Coalition Unite was formed to help reinforce a vision of unity and empowerment to build our communities up, cultivate a culture of artistic liberation, wellness, and the innovation of artistic collaboration to make a collective impact in our communities. Anyone and everyone can be part of the coalition in making a creative difference. 

Dandelion aRT Coalition Unite creative wellness initiative is meant to unite, empower and cultivate the good in us.  Providing equitable access to mental health and behavioral health services for underserved communities. This program offers traditional and alternative forms of group therapy and alternative wellness services that supports mental wellness, personal growth and relationship building. Dandelion Gallery & Studios offers a creative non-judgmental safe space to express our experiences and emotions, and bond together. 

Social Group Therapy and Art Therapy offered by TabulaRASA Integrative Health Inc. is a mental health practice that offers effective outpatient, individualized, psychological care (therapy). The practice provides treatment for a wide variety of life struggles that impact the mental, physical, and spiritual health of individuals of all ages. With this collaboration we will be offering Art Therapy, Group Therapy, and a yearly Retreat for the general public and special groups in our community that are in need for a reduced affordable rate.  Sessions are offered for scheduled groups of 4 individuals or more. 

Shared Future Community Peace Circle: Gives members in our community a voice, acknowledged and understood. Facilitated by Peace Keeper Dr. Muriel Adams, a restorative justice practitioner and the executive director of One World Shared Future Community Labs. These session are free to the public. 

Yoga & Meditation:


Youth and Family Yoga & Meditation is offered by Erika Gorr providing  trauma informed yoga methods ( chair yoga and restorative yoga) for youth and family. Her mythology focuses on  8 limbs of Yoga, Asana being the physical aspect, with an emphasis on an asset based approach.  

Yoga is offered by Katherine Zelaya. Her methodology of yoga is to share a beautiful ancient practice to people of all walks of life. She loves to plan creative sequences that includes various poses for stress relief, flexibility, balance and muscle-strengthening. Self-love, self-awareness and the mind-body connection is what I strive for people to get in touch with on and off their mat. 

Couples Yoga & Meditation:  Couples yoga, alternatively referred to as partner yoga or acro yoga, involves a collaborative practice where two individuals assist each other in poses, promoting improved posture, trust, communication, and physical bonding. This shared experience enables partners to engage in a sequence of poses, fostering not only physical benefits but also enhancing the emotional connection in their relationship. It's worth noting that the partner need not necessarily be a romantic counterpart; couples yoga can be practiced with a friend, family member, or even a fellow classmate.

Spiritual Healing Dance: Coming Soon

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