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About Me.

ATTENDED: Art Institute of Chicago / American Academy of Art / Institute of Lettering And Design 

CAREER: Has worked as an art director, lettering artist, portrait artist, instructor at the Institute of Lettering and Design, private drawing instruction, and has also worked in the field of costuming / corporate logo design and construction. 

EXHIBITIONS: Has shown extensively in the Chicago area and is represented in private and public collections throughout the Midwest. Has also had five solo exhibits, Sept.2014 through April. 2016. 

MEDIUM: Works in acrylic, graphite, oil, wood, plaster, plastic, sculpted cloth, paper mache. 

THOUGHTS ON THE ART OF MAKING ART: "I think that what constitutes great art is a break in tradition. This break should be in a meaningful and substantiated way, a way that explores the depths of the human 

condition but also reaches out to instigate thought and contemplation." 

ART AFFILIATIONS: Chicago Society Of Artists, Chicago Artists Coalition, Oak Park Art League, Elmhurst Artists Guild, CAVA, and Dandelion Artist Alliance.

There are some people out there that have no use for our artistic endeavors. They think that art does not matter. Their mantra is “if you can’t drink it, eat it spend it or make love to it, they have no use for it”. Not true. Art dictates all of their lives as well as ours. Billboards, t.v. ads, sport logos, t-shirt designs, cars, I could go on and on. All our lives are filled with art, as some designer or artist had to come up with the idea for all that. The deniers are surrounded by art but don’t even realize it.

* Good or not so good, its your art, rejoice in it.

* Try to keep some of your mistakes, you’ll learn from them.

* To all budding artists out there, your eye will develop faster than your hand skills.

* I think that all the great artists of centuries gone by had the same in securities that you and I share when facing a blank canvas, wall, block  of stone, etc. Only difference is how we apply paint, graphite, or sculpt, is where the difference begins. We’ve learned so much from the past, and now it is up to us to carry it forward in our own way.

* Art is a pleasurable experience, but sometimes a frustrating experience, but
keep at it, you will always prevail in the end.

* Art is life, life is art. A simple truth.

R. M. Proce



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