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Dandelion Artist Alliance

Dandelion Artist Alliance is a diverse group of multi-talented local artists, performers, and creative innovators. 


D Cruz

Visionary, Curator, 
Contemporary Artist & Designer

My creative speciality is in graphic and web design. I help individuals, and businesses with their professional & creative aspirations. 


Frank Fitzgerald

Educator & Artist

Educator, Artist, Explorer

Mary Neely.jpg

I'm a photographer, and look for unusual or beautiful images to share. I work in color and in black and white.

Artist Photographer

Mary Neely

Michael Mc Conville.png

Batik & Shibori Custom Artistry

My work is about the perception of realism and abstraction. I start with close-up photos of flowers. I paint them in a Batik, an Indo-Asian resist process.

Michael Mc Conville


 I am a gesture sketch artist and painter. My paintings tell a story which hopefully will tease the viewer to ask

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?* My scenes are pithy, sassy, quirky, yet playful.

 Gesture Sketch Artist and Painter

Peggy Rassch


Mona's art is attributed to the historical past time of African roots and migration. Her powerful imagery gives light to its true nature for those to understand the reality of truth to become enlighten, and liberated to make a lasting impact.

Contemporary African Historical Artist 

Mona J PhifferArt

Susan (6).png

Contemporary oil based paintings that embrace nature's beauty and versatility. 

Landscape Nature Artist

Susan Schneider