I'm originally a northside Chicago guy born into a hardworking middle-class family.  I am the youngest of three and the only boy.  My parents are first generation Americans, Dad was a carpenter and Mom, a dressmaker.  I absorbed an appreciation for working with my hands from my folks and remember really being turned on to making art at an early age.  Early on, my art abilities were noticed, and I was chosen to be part of an elementary school art program that included weekly trips down to the Art Institute of Chicago where I would wander in amazement though the museum soaking in art.  School was never my strong point but I somehow managed to get into Lane Tech High School, where I struggled, mostly due to self-induced distractions.  Football and any excuse to avoid going to class to go hang out on the shores of Lake Michigan were tops on my priority list.  After high school, I took to bouncing around odd jobs before I went back to school at Wright Junior College as an art major while I continued playing football.  A football scholarship brought me to Northern Illinois University where I enrolled as a fine art major focusing on painting.  After some athletic disenchantment, I found it necessary to leave this institution and enter the working world.  Luckily, I met my wife at Northern and we moved to Gurnee and started our journey together.  We have two wonderful daughters, and we are still dreaming and smiling, while I continue to create.


Sports have also been central in my life, and I think of athletics as a form of artistic expression.  I believe much of my art making is an attempt to reconcile two parts of my personality, cerebral and physical. The success of any piece of art hinges on how powerfully it compels reengagement.


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