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Dandelion Art Gallery & Studios, NFP, Inc., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to helping artists thrive in making a creative difference in our communities.


Our primary objective is to empower artists, facilitating their growth and fostering significant creative contributions within our communities that unite, empower, and cultivate the good in us.

The Dandelion aRT Coalition was formed to help reinforce a vision of unity and empowerment to build our communities up, cultivate a culture of artistic liberation, wellness, and the innovation of artistic collaboration to make a collective impact. 

 -Ways to Support -

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Share Dandelion Gallery & Studio with others:  through word of mouth, social media, the web, and making us one of your favorite places to visit & support in making a creative difference!


Partner on opportunities to  inspire!  Collaborating on creative projects gives our artist opportunities to make a difference and  for the community to gain an appreciation for our local artists and their talents.  Lets collaborate on  community initiatives to make a collective impact. 

Join in the Fun

Visit us at Dandelion Gallery & Studio for private tours, studio time, events and workshops to boost your creative spirit, learn some new skills, and become inspired.

Become a Member

Enjoy the perks  of  becoming a Dandelion Member!  


Donations are used to support our mission, obtain resources, and fund initiatives.

If you are interested in sponsorship, donating and volunteering contact us today! 

 Dandelion Collector

Empower our talented artist by purchasing or leasing their beautiful masterpieces to display and gift for others.

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