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The mission at Dandelion Gallery & Studio is to become a community landmark of opportunity and talent, by empowering artists to unleash their artistic powers through different modes of artistic expression to creatively inspire and thrive. The Dandelion aRT Coalition was formed to help reinforce a vision of unity and empowerment to build our communities up, cultivate a culture of artistic liberation & wellness, and the innovation of artistic collaboration to make a collective impact. 

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Dandelion Gallery was established in 2011 by its founder, Michelle Miscenic-Patch and partners.  As of May 1st, 2021 owners of DC.CreativeConcepts,LLC was given the torch to carry on the Gallery with a vision to unite, empower and cultivate the Lake County Community and its Artistic Talent. 

aRT Coalition

Our community of devoted Artists and Supporters are the reasons Dandelion Gallery has continue to thrive throughout the years.  Aspire to inspire greatness by supporting us. Investing in our mission, talented Artists enables opportunity for growth, and history in the making. We encourage our community's businesses and families to support our Artists in the community by visiting, purchasing displaying art, donating to create art, and creating opportunities to develop, reinforce, and give access to the arts to creatively inspire.  Dandelion aRT Coalition Unite provides collaborative opportunities to get involved! 




Dandelion Artist  Alliance Membership

Community Membership

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Like Us * Love Us* 

Share Dandelion Gallery with others, through word of mouth, social media, the web, and making us one of your favorite place to visit!

Join in the Fun

Visit us at Dandelion Gallery for events and workshops to boost your creative wellness, learn some new skills, and become inspired.

Community Involvement Projects are great ways to have  fun and for your talent & artistic work to be showcased.

Become a Member

Take advantage of Dandelion's Membership perks!  


Empower and Unite with Dandelion Gallery by creating opportunity for our artist to thrive and getting involved to make a creative impact. 

 Dandelion Collector

Empower our talented artist to thrive by purchasing their beautiful masterpieces to display for all to see, and gift for those you care for.


Donations are used to support our mission and help our artist thrive.

Interested in sponsoring an Artist? Providing Resources? or Volunteering?

Contact us today! 

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