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Artist Membership

Dandelion Artist Alliance

Creatively Inspire Greatness 

We like to enable our Artists to unite, empower, and cultivate their visions and ideas through different genres, mediums, variances and expressions to inspire, innovate, and unleash their artistic powers. To empower our artists and scholars we help create opportunity,  promote and showcase their talent and artistic work. Cultivate their creativity with new experiences,  collaboration, and education to thrive. In an effort to support our mission,  in  mobilizing our artistic community for now and in the future, our Artist Alliance Membership is $375 annually for new artist, $200 for student & amateur artist (special terms may apply).  Membership comes with perks and responsibilities to strengthen artist creative presence and to help support the mission. Artists and Scholars are responsible to produce a minimum of 12 pieces of artistic work to display annually (1 piece of work a month) and/or perform a live talent 6-8 times annually; volunteer 20 hours or more, attend ArtWauk, and Creatively Inspire! 

- Terms Apply  -

To be considered, please apply!

Perks & Responsibilities 

2024 Dandelion Artist Alliance Membership

DC.CreativeConcepts,LLC will be used for marketing and advertising efforts of our mission, artists,  events, exhibitions, and artwork. The Dandelion Gallery Website, and multiple Social Platforms with an e-commerce component will be primarily used for promotional marketing & advertisement to increase awareness, visibility, and sale of artwork offered throughout  the United States.  (Additional marketing may be provided  separately)

Artist will have the opportunity to help the gallery pursue their mission, network and creatively inspire the community.  20 volunteer hours may be applied in various ways (maintenance & cleaning, sales, events, mentorship, education, leadership and community development).  Additional volunteer hours can result in reward points. 

Artist will have free entry into contest. 

Artist may be contacted to pursue paid or volunteer opportunities to demonstrate their talent, facilitate & instruct workshops and more.  Payment may be administered by Dandelion Gallery with  25%+ agency commission fee applied.

Dandelion Gallery is a cultural landmark of ArtWauk where the public and artists come together and engage.  Artists are required to attend the monthly public event and donate 1-2 bottles of wine. ​

Dandelion Gallery can assist with the sale of artwork displayed in the gallery and on the website. Packaging and distribution of your art while in our possession is also an option with approval.  The expense of distribution including hand delivery within a 10 mil proximity will be an option for the customer. Artwork displayed and managed are subject to increase due to process, handling and administrative charges.  

Must Comply to Code of Conduct Policy Terms & Conditions

Network, Collaborate and get Educated on new techniques amongst our talented body of Artist.

Artists will receive promotional rates on special events,  and workshops.  

One Annual Tribute Showcase or Popup show(s) displayed in a creative space. 1-2 Art Pieces Monthly Displayed or Live/Virtual Performance.  ***Gallery space and the nature of the theme may vary therefore all artistic work provided may not be displayed at certain events.  All artwork exhibited at the gallery and the site must be for sale.  Artist must provide a description of their displayed artwork including tags with sale price at the time of drop off. Artist are encourage to provide quality photos of their art prior to scheduled art events and exhibitions. Commission to the gallery is 28%.

Photos and Video of you and your work will be used to display on Dandelion Gallery's website, social media, and advertising. 


Artist Bio with picture is required. Artist will have the option of producing a video or written boi to display on their website portfolio.

*** Dandelion Gallery and its affiliates trademarks, trade names, icons and work must obtain legal authorization for use. 


Gallery Showcase

Artist Collaboration Non-Member

Rent space at the Dandelion Gallery to display and showcase your masterpiece. 

Artist must provide portfolio of work that will be displayed for approval prior to scheduled event(s).  

Dandelion Gallery includes vinyl title sign display and promotions. 

Space, Availability and Price vary.  

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