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Novella Domino

My name is Novella I like to go by NONO. NONO came from one of my four granddaughters.

 I started drawing at the age, of nine. One day a just lay, on the floor with my pencil and paper.  And have is vision of this beautiful black lady her skin was dark brown her hair was long and black. I tried so hard to draw her, I just couldn’t draw her.

In my high school year, I join an art class, I was so happy to be in this art class. I couldn’t wait to learn how to draw eyes, and faces. So now I’m in the art class. It seems to me that the class was not what I was looking to do. I actually, was looking for real art work not paint ribbons for the

Football game. I need real meat and Potatoes.  Once I had my first child, I was determined to draw. I know that I could draw so I started drawing on my Jeans, but it was not really drawing it look more like shapes. Different kind of Shapes and designs were on my Jeans, so I started wearing my jeans around my friends, and they liked my jeans. So I bring to doodle on their Jeans.   Like what I did to mine own jeans, but I add a little twist to it.

 My First born is now about two year old. So now I’m Sketching. MY first born. He’s not setting he’s all over the place. To my surprise. I was Sketching. Him.

 Now, I have problem with my health, It was almost two years after my health came crashing down on me.  That I decide to go back to my arts and crafts.  Now I’m just about one year in. I love the art and crafty.  The color you chose, how your design look. I love it. I have to thank God almighty for the transformation.  In my life today!  It’s a wonderful feeling!"  - Novella Domino

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