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Erica Samano Delgado

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

" I am a self taught artist. I started doing art at a very age. I have more than a handful of creative and artist family members and it's a skill that has been passed on from one generation to the next. I started with drawing and slowly moved up to doing acrylic paintings. I also love to customize canvas totes, denim jackets and canvas shoes. I started my small businesses which is called Art & Henna by Erica and love to take part in pop up events. Lastly I am in school for my masters degree in social work and specializing health and well being. My goal is to use art to treat those who have gone through trauma and also work with those who are in hospice. I feel that art is therapeutic and I hope that I can reach out to the community to make a small difference through something that is easily accessible. I'm grateful to be working with others who share a love for art and are passionate about sharing their work with others.

Henna Service

   Service prices vary based on hours required, and materials to produce and customize the artwork on the medium you wish. Because everything is customized we require a personal consultation over the phone, at Dandelion Gallery & Studio or through Zoom!  Call  to schedule your consultation above or by calling  224-440-8006. 



Have a creative project in mind? Collaborate with us! We have the creative vision, and multi-talented Artists to help. 


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