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Vendor Opportunities 

Vendor Opportunities vary on date and time. Those interested must complete the below entry form to be invited to special events.  Dandelion Gallery & Studio located 109 S Genesee St. Waukegan, IL 60085.  As part of Dandelion Art Coalition we hope to support local Artists and Entrepreneurs in our community by offering our space to share their talents, show off their artwork, services, and resources with the community. All items sold during events must be handmade and original work by the Artists.  Services and Resources must be related to the Arts, and Artistic Wellness.


There will be limited spaces available and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Those interested must complete our online entry form, that will be reviewed by Dandelion Gallery & Studio Management.  Vendors will be notified if selected for various events. Vendor Fees: $50-75 (provided 5 ft Table, Two Chairs, 3 Table Easels).  Vendors may bring their own standing easels. Large displays require authorization. Display(s) must fit within designated space assigned (generally 10 X 10).  

Terms and Conditions

o   All artwork must be the original, handcrafted work of the displayed artist.

o   Buy/sell vendors are strictly prohibited. All items must be the original work of the artist and not mass-produced.

o   Vendors selling unacceptable items or items not approved ahead of time, will be asked to remove said items and/or vacate their space with no refund.

o   The Artists must be present the entire time of the show and agree to be open during all hours. If an artist leaves early, they will not be invited back.

o   Stations are not transferable and may not be shared with other exhibitors.

o   Artists are responsible for providing their own display that fits within a 10x10 space.

o   No tents allowed in the gallery. Displays cannot exceed no more than 7 Ft in height and must fit within station space. Please make necessary arrangements for your display.

o   No power or water is available at booth sites.

o   Culinary Artists must be licensed to sale all food items made in a license kitchen. All Food Vendors must be approved by the Health Department. Proof of Food Sanitation License and Additional Requirements to sale food required.

o   There is no reserved artist parking. Suggested parking is the parking lot on Water Street.

o   Wifi is available. Please bring your own equipment and electrical cords for device setup.   

o   Exhibitors are responsible for handling their sales, collecting and paying their own taxes.

o   Please ensure your items are secured and someone is available at your station at all times. Dandelion Gallery & Studio is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

o   Artists are required to check-in at the assign time provided, and be set up and ready to go no later than the assign time provided for the event. 

o   Vendors are asked to check in to Dandelion Gallery & Studio on Facebook/Instagram to share with their followers.

o   Pictures and Video of Artists work displayed in the Gallery is restricted.

o   Exhibitors agree to allow the organizers of the event and any associates to use photos for marketing promotions.

o   Vendor cancellation: Cancellation must be given 14 days before to obtain a full refund or within given terms. Cancellation with no notice due to a medical emergency, with written documentation from your physician, may be refunded.   

o   Dandelion Gallery & Studio reserve the right to remove any vendors from their space for not following the rules, regulations, terms and conditions set forth.

o   Vendors and Guests must respect the gallery, their station, and each other’s space at all times. Any form of violence, harassment, prejudice, harmful behavior will not be tolerated in our safe creative environment.

*** Must follow our code of conduct: Review Terms 

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