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Alicia Mays 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

    I am Alicia Mays, CEO/ founder of Amaysing Creations, LLC. I got my business name from my first and last name put together and my late sister always used to call me Amaysing. I took it and ran with it. I am a full time mom of a beautiful very active in everything soon to be 13 year old. A full time worker for corporate America as well as a full time business owner. As you see, I am always busy in a great way! I love what I do and my passion for learning and staying busy keeps me grounded. I started my journey 8 years ago when planning my daughter’s birthday party having no idea what I was doing but had a vision of how I wanted it done. I googled, wrote ideas down on paper and made it happen. Every year I got more creative and more interested in having a vision, learning how to make it happen with trial and error and finally making it come alive. I LOVE IT! With practice, each year her parties became a little more extravagant than the last. I volunteered to do family parties and they were so  happy with the results. That alone made me feel so good to see them smile. As people started asking me to do their parties or help with planning their parties, I knew then that this is something I wanted to do. Help create memories in my form of art. In life I believe it’s important to create and capture moments. You will walk through my growth with me on this page by seeing some pictures from where I started to where I am now. I am beyond grateful and blessed for the ability to keep learning and growing while others entrust me to make their special moments memorable.



Sunflowers Sweet Table

Baby Shower


In the Clouds

Baby Shower


Rose Gold Dinner Backdrop

Birthday Party 


Sun Flowers Dinner Setup

Baby Shower Dinner


In the Clouds Dinner Tables

Baby Shower


Gold Blue & White Backdrop

Birthday Party

The Art in Planning

As an event planner and designer, I am able to take a vision from a client and create it in a physical form and/or create the vision for them and have the wow factor as the end result. My mission is to provide guidance to our clients on their event they will like to achieve by providing clear and precise details on how their vision will be executed. How do we do this? It’s simple, we listen to our clients, offer innovative ideas, create a blueprint of design, provide vendor resources and finally executing the vision to create an exclusive event.We guarantee you the most memorable event to look back on, smile and say “wow this was Amaysing!”

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Sun Flower

"Before I left the north I was tasked with the honor of planning my favorite little sister's baby shower. Ty George said you know Im not the super fancy glitzy glittery type, I said I know lol...She said she wanted something beautiful and bohemian with sunflowers. I said, cool boo I got you! Then...I moved . I'm like WHAT AM I GOING TO DOOOO?!!? Then something clicked in my mind, call Alicia Mays over at Amaysing Creations !!! Honey when I tell you all I did was tell her our vision and send a few pics and she created a BEAUTIFUL baby shower dinner for one of my favorite people. Mind you, Im still in Kentucky and cannot make it to the actual event so aside from approving some design touches this was all done sight unseen for me and the pregnant lady! After seeing the images of what she had done, I instantly wanted to plan all the events in the world with Ms. Mays! Alicia, you gave my baby everything that she deserved and then some and I thank you SO much.

                                   Brandi  Nicole

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