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Barbara Young Powell

As a young girl, Barbara learned self expression through journaling at a young age as a way to express her emotions and life events. She hopes that others will also find the value of journal writing; providing a gateway of self discovery & healing to help foster the good and motivate positive change to fulfill their purpose now and in the future. 

Enjoy journal writing with writer, Barbara Young Powell as she facilitates a series of journal writing workshops on the topic of family roots, traditions and culture.  Peers will learn the art and value of journal writing as a form of self expression, reflection and discovery.  We will give thanks to our own culture while embracing multi-cultural diversity and influences of your fellow peers within our community creating an unifying experience.  Barbara, offers a variety of customized embellished Journals for $15  for this series of journal writing workshops.  



Workshops Details: 

II Process of journaling, Dec 18th, 10-11:30 - During this workshop we will discuss the journaling process, types of journals/journaling.  We will also have a journaling exercise by  writing affirmations. Participants will receive journal prompts to continue their writing at home. 

Note: If participating in the following workshop, participants are asked to bring pictures of family members.

III Word Prompts with Pictures, Jan  22nd 10-11:30 (Creative Stimulating Activity)- Pictures of family members along memory related prompts will be used in this workshop to write our journal entries.  
Note: Participants will receive further journal prompts to continue their journaling process, which will assist with preparation for the following workshop. 

IV Sharing our journal of multicultural traditions and keeping our traditions alive. Honoring Black History Month, Feb 19th, 10-11:30. In this workshop participants  will journal about their own family history (historic events) and how the events helped to shape their family. Or they can journal about the Black Historic event(s) that most changed or transformed their lives. Workshop includes  a custom Journal for these workshops.  This workshop may be done virtually!

Journal Writing with Barbara Young Powell

Upcoming Journal Writing Sessions

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