Alan LyBarger

I previously owned large art gallery featuring my works in Rancho Mirage, CA, Accessorize. For which, I was also the television commercial spokesperson.  My artworks including handmade jewelry have been sold in many other southern CA galleries.  I am a designer of retail and custom jewelry for CFJ Mfg. in Fort Worth, Texas that is distributed throughout the United States.  I am the owner of Artistic Design in Gurnee, IL.  Interior design and custom canvas art.  I am also a Writer having written art columns for Live Publication in Palm Springs, CA.   Author of new paperback book, Lake Marie, due out in just a few weeks under my pen name A.J. LeBerge. 

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Painter & Designer

While many of my works are abstract painted in acrylic, I am capable of painting any subject matter in a variety of mediums.  Some celebrities who have appreciated and collected my works have been Carol Channing, Adrienne Barbeau, and Jack Jones.  I am a custom designer & painter. I am available to create consigned pieces to suit your needs.  

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Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting


Coming into Light

 36" square meant to be hung in a diamond shape with canvas points north, south, east, west 

Medium: Acrylic with acrylic sealer


Abstract Piece

2 piece 3'x4


Hidden Message

Size 60"x40"

Medium: Acrylic with acrylic sealer

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting


Abstract Piece

Abstract Art


Abstract Piece

Abstract Piece


Abstract Piece

Abstract Piece


Book Release

July 2021

Alan currently has a new book in the printing publishing process under the pen name, A.J. LeBerge with Page Publishing.  It is a fictional mystery novel entitled Lake Marie available by July 2021.  Look for it in paperback at Amazon and fine book stores. 

Dandelion Showcase Event 

October 2021



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