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Yvonne Pitts

"Artist Yvonne Pitts is a unique artist that has had the opportunity to share her work as a featured artist in various galleries and coffee shops in the Chicagoland area with aspirations to reach collectors all over the country.

Yvonne is a native of North Chicago, IL. Growing up, Yvonne always had an interest in the arts.

Faces are also a constant in many of her pieces, sometimes abstract without features but always recognizable as a face.  

Her imagery has been described as whimsical, fun and entertaining. Color choices are vibrant with outlines of bold black. Even in primarily black and white pieces there are always touches of color on the canvas." - Yvonne Pitts

Yvonne Pitts.png

Impressionistic Abstract Mixed Media Artist

"Painting is my self-expression, giving me endless subject matter to work with. Painting, for me, is a form of therapy that takes me to a place all my own.  My abstract world provides a peaceful calmness in some of the most stressful times. I create whatever my emotion dictates, producing emotional abstract images." - Yvonne Pitts


Now Showing! 
April 16th - May 14th

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