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Shelly Johnson.png
Shelly Johnson.png

Lake County based contemporary urban street artist, Shelly Johnson has made a name for himself over the years with his talented abilities as a painter completing small scale and large scale murals to performing live audience paintings throughout Illinois at various events and establishments across the Chicago land area.  Shelly's unique style is easily recognized due to his love and use of the culture of hip hop, and use of old school pop imagery with bold line work.  Shelly is a self taught artist that mixes acrylics, painting marker, spray paint, recyclable material on various mediums resulting in creations of contemporary cultural artwork. Shelly's artistry is ever evolving with the culture, society and his passions. 

Shelly RUIN Johnson _The Mask_.jpg
Shelly RUIN Johnson Untitled Royality.jpg
Shelly Johnson Peekaboo.jpg
Shelly Johnson Breath.jpg
Shelly Johnson No Title.jpg
Shelly Johnson K Dot.jpg
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