Emergence is the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed. These undertakings denote a coming into importance or prominence. Activities such as art openings hold added significance during the age of the coronavirus pandemic. Dandelion Gallery Artist Allegiance invites you to our collective exhibition Emergence. Dandelion roots grow deep and emerge each spring to reveal themselves and herald the arrival of summer.

      The periodic or Pharoah cicada brood is emerging after a 17 year wait in much of north America. This long pause mirrors the struggles that humanity has endured sheltered in isolation for the past year.  Artistic creation can be a solitary endeavor while the artist is alone at work creating in the studio. Gallery openings allow for the connection to others through art that completes the circuit of creation. These shared experiences have been impossible for much of the last year. 

     The Dandelion Gallery begins it 2nd decade on May 15th during ArtWauk with the theme of Emergence. Our artistic Allegiance members welcome our new owner Deanna & Dane Cruz and thank them for all the work that they are doing to further the arts in Waukegan. The Dandelion gallery blends the urban/suburban artistic Renaissance of our community. Our Artistic Allegiance members trumpet our shared artistic culture and heritage and warmly invite you to the Emergence Opening. It is time to come together masked safely to share in our communication and celebration of our artistic roots. Dandelion taproots grow deep and dandelions are not weeds, but rather beautiful and precious flowers!

Frank Fitzgerald



Frank Fitzgerald 
Deanna Cruz
Mary Neely
Michael Mc Conville
Mona Phiffer
Peggy Raasch
Susan Schneider
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